3-days of Music, Arts, Vendors and SAHAE

Join us at for an amazing summertime weekend in Asheville with an outstanding music line-up and a wide variety of vendors, at the SAHAE Expo.


Kicking off with a Drum Circle that leads into the Asheville Jam Session, Friday brings us a collection of some of Asheville’s most talented artists, with a blend of Americana, jam, roots blues, retro rock & soul. Our headliner to be announced.


Full Festival Saturday is just that, a wide section of touring acts in the Americana, bluegrass, funk, hip hop, jam, and rock’n roll. A full day of music as music starts at 10:30am until well after midnight.


70’s Sunday is hit after hit, performed by the artists we still listen to on the radio. All afternoon, one song and another if classic hit many of us grew up with, creating a Sunday of hits.

FRIDAY June 25th 2021

03:00 PM  –   Saint Germain – Drum Circle (Healing Tent )
04:20 PM  –   Steve DeAngelo (Ashejam Stage )
05:00 PM  –   Nuke Bushner (Ashejam Stage )
05:50 PM  –   Emma Hern (Do Da Jam Stage)
06:40 PM  –   Hedonistas (Ashejam Stage )
07:30 PM  –  Snake Oil Medicine Show (Do Da Jam Stage)
08:20 PM  –  Sam Lewis (Ashejam Stage)
09:10 PM  –  Whey Jennings & the Cold Mountain Express (Do Da Jam Stage)
10:00 PM  –  Interstellar Echoes (Ashejam Stage)

SATURDAY June 26th 2021

09:09 AM –  Saint Germain – World Peace Meditional Hour (Healing Tent)
10:10 AM – Saint Germain – Drum Circle (Healing Tent)
10:30 AM – AsheJam Sessions – Saturday Morning Bluegrass (Ashejam Stage)
12:00 PM – Tennessee Jed Duo (Do Da Jam Stage)
01:00 PM – Tony Tyler Trance (Ashejam Stage)
02:00 PM – Hard Rocket (Do Da Jam Stage)
03:00 PM – Jeff Sipe Trio (Ashejam Stage)
04:00 PM – The Snozzberries (Do Da Jam Stage)
05:00 PM – Normal Bean Band (Ashejam Stage)
06:00 PM – Emisunshine & the Rain (Do Da Jam Stage)
07:00 PM – Gent-Treadly (Ashejam Stage)
08:00 PM – Grass is Dead (Do Da Jam Stage)
09:00 PM – Mad Professor (Mad Tower)
09:30 PM – Prepetual Groove (Ashejam Stage)
10:45 PM – Mad Professor (Mad Tower)
11:15 Pm – AsheJam Sessions – Jam & Funk (Ashejam Stage)

Sunday June 27th 2021

10:00 AM – Juntion 280 Bluegrass (Ashejam Stage)
11:15 AM – Saint Germain – Drum Circle (Healing Tent)
11:30 AM – Steve DeAngelo (Speaker Tent)
12:00 PM – The Babys (Ashejam Stage)
01:00 PM – Firefall (Do Da Jam Stage)
02:00 PM – Poco (Ashejam Stage)
03:00 PM – Orleans (Do Da Jam Stage)
04:00 PM – Pure Prairie League (Ashejam Stage)
05:00 PM – Atlanta Rhythm Section (Do Da Jam Stage)

3-days of SAHAE & AsheJam


Enjoy all 3 Days of Music



Enjoy Friday night in ashejam music event

AsheJam Saturday


Single Day Access to Music (Saturday)



Single Day Access to Music (Sunday)

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