• 761 BOYLSTON HWY, FLETCHER, NC 28732

    • 7:30am - 5:30pm

    • 828-634-1090


    AsheJam @ SAHAE 2021 will be scaled based on restrictions in June 2021, this event will be offered at 40% capacity until further notice. All restrictions and limitations in place during this event will be our policy


    For booth registration, please contact us or visit SAHAE to review classification and payment options.

    **As AsheJam @ SAHAE is creating an event which participation is available for all positions within the industry, many with lean budgets, we are offering a payment plan. However, the event platform does not offer this within this system. For those seeking terms for their booth fees, contact sales to reserve your booth to create a payment plan.




    Trade Expo Booth Classifications:


    Arts & Crafts Booths

    Those providing a wide range of wares the attendees are seeking. Outdoor booths are an entire parking space that is not available on this page.

    Exhibitors: Let us know what you need, and we will provide the best opportunity to promote your products within the event.

     Wellness Expo

    The best value in the industry, AsheJam @ SAHAE is spearheading wellness from business to “consumer” with this event, and we need the artists, as the artisan festival events have a solid consumer base, typically older with disposable income. This creates an outstanding opportunity for emerging hemp companies of the region to monetize this trade expo, with networking, education and discovering the latest and greatest in industry advancements.

    As the marketing of wellness products is limited, our AsheJam festival provides us the ability to promote AsheJam @ SAHAE beyond any other hemp event. These barriers have created strategies for AsheJam @ SAHAE to navigate, These booths are higher based on the required expenditures for this industry to produce this event, and for the additional aspects available for the expo portion of AsheJam @ SAHAE.


    Booth sizes:

    7′ x 10′     10′ x 10′     20’x  10′     20′ x  20′ 



    AsheJam @ SAHAE Booth Options:

    If this event is postponed, all rates will be honored and fees applied, we will be unable to provide a refund unless cancelled.

    Standard Booth

    Paid in Advance via the online system

    Down Payment Option

    Booth Fee is 20% Higher 

    25% down payment due on reservation; You will be invoiced for 3 equal installments.

    To reserve as this system is not set-up for payments yet, contact sales@sahae.org 

    Final Choices due by May, 25, 2021

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