The Knotty G’s

The Knotty G’s take soul-soaked mountain music to a special and reverent place. Gritty, funky, and genuine performances fuse with the band’s jovial, lighthearted nature inviting audiences to take part in the revelatory power of music while drumming up plenty of fun. Though The Knotty G’s are known to approach genres in unconventional ways, their

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Min Xiao-Fen

One of the key instruments in Chinese music, the pipa has a rich and storied legacy stretching back nearly two thousand years. Few artists have done more to both honor and reinvent that history than renowned pipa soloist, vocalist and composer Min Xiao-Fen. Classically trained in her native China, Ms. Min was an acclaimed traditional music

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Aimless Wave

A band Formed by Stephen Horvath, the sound cultivates a creative improvisational spark. With a mix of Relaxed and Groovy to high energy Psychedelic jams, the Band has a fun and unique captivating energy.

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Pink Beds

Inspired by a mélange of influences, from New Wave and Americana to Jazz and Disco, Pink Beds comprise Aaron Aiken (Vocals & Guitar), Jackson Van Horn (Keys & Guitar), Ryan Sargent (Drums & Percussion), and Logan Hall (Bass). With their December 2020 debut LP, All I Have, Asheville, NC’s Pink Beds combined their songwriting abilities

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The Nnew Rustics

The New Rustics is an Americana-Rock band out of Asheville, NC, fusing elements of folk, rock, and country laced with subtle jams and meaningful lyrics, The New Rustics put a twist on a classic rock style. Based out of Asheville, NC and coming together in the fall of 2017, The New Rustics members Jeff Robinson

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Castaway Radio

In 2014, brothers Austin and Holden Rominger adopted the band name ‘Castaway Radio’ to fit their ever-changing song styles. Having cut their teeth on the iconic Jack White, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys, Castaway Radio pays homage to other legendary musical founders with a tip of the hat to funk, jazz and

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Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin was born September 2, 1980. Raised near Richmond, Virginia, this life-long lover of music began playing guitar at the age of 14. As soon as Taylor could drive, he began going to hear live music nearly every night of the week. The local bands around Richmond at the time–bands like Agents of Good Roots, and Walter

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Pretty Little Goat

Pretty Little Goat is grassroots music at its finest. The band formed in 2013 through their common grounding in the deep well of local tradition found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. As young lovers of old-time music, Pretty Little Goat began winning string band competitions right away. Over the last six years the

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Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil Medicine Show defies categorization. Music and Art United, under an increasingly widening

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