Castaway Radio

In 2014, brothers Austin and Holden Rominger adopted the band name ‘Castaway Radio’ to fit their ever-changing song styles. Having cut their teeth on the iconic Jack White, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys, Castaway Radio pays homage to other legendary musical founders with a tip of the hat to funk, jazz and classic rock & roll. The result is one dynamic, riff-driven indie/alternative/retro rock station worth tuning in to!

After releasing ‘Wolves’ and ‘Shades, Spades, & Spinach’ in 2016, Castaway Radio packs their bags to tour Texas. Record labels give them notice, with their opening for international act Piqued Jacks as well as headlining other Houston and Galveston events. Castaway Radio receives recognition by industry personalities Houston’s Dean and Rog and Sam Malone, Dallas’ GOBL, Shutter 16 Magazine, and Galveston Radio. In 2020, they were recently featured on Manchester, England’s Revolution 96.2 and ranked #2 on Dave Sweetmore’s Aug 7th show.

Choosing to stay independent, Castaway Radio continues to create completely original material. The new EP ‘Good Stuff’ is a spunky collection from the in-between years in advance of their second full length album anticipated in 2021. In classic Castaway Radio style, ‘Good Stuff’ delivers the upbeat tunes, powerful riffs, and relatable lyrics Castaway Radio fans crave.

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