Normal Bean & the Universal Love Family


(Normal Bean & the Universal Love Family)
(Iconic Cannabis activist & Eugene Cannabis TV, music Director of Emerald Empire Hempfest, Director of Oregon Pot Club. Family Dog, GRAgroup, Artista, merry Prankster, Farthur crew, brotherhood of Love.
Known as hippie Royalty!- “the family”) this band plays Classic Rock and in the moment Jams.

On the Bus/Roll a joint – jam

Think I’m High/Psychedelic Land

Normal Bean (ULF)
Riki Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix family)
Richard Sabol ( Smokin’Joe,L.A.,Savage,Shambala,Southbound)
Tom Harper. (ULF)
George Walker(Original Merry Prankster)
Sanchez Mo (Riki Hendrix band)
Lady heather (Dancer)
Portia Lee (vocals)

Contact: (541-525-4559) – (normal_b@yahoo.com)

Has worked with Jefferson starship, Quicksilver Messenger service, jerry miller, Moby Grape, Three Dog Night, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, John Fogerty, Arlo Guthrie, the Merry Pranksters, Prairie prince (the Tubes) Lester chambers (chambers Brothers), Leon Russell, Barry Melton, Kid Rock, Buddy Rich, Lee Garrett and Dark Star Orchestra, john Lennon’s Plastic ono Band, members of the Grateful Dead & JGB, Nick Gravenites Ricky Hendrix’s (Jimi’s Hendrix) nephew and a host of many others.

Woodstock celebration 40th, 45th, & 50th anniversaries, Summer of Love 45, Monterey Pop festival 45, Emerald Empire Hempfest, High Times Festival, Salem Hempfest, Hope Mtn Festival, Oregon Hempfest, Roady Days Festival, Portland Hempfest, Umpqua Hempfest, Sacramento Hempfest, Fox theater, Oakland , wildish theater, springfield, Rialto theater Tucson. Golden gate park, Santa Cruz boardwalk, sky river Rock Concert, Seattle, And many other clubs, theaters, and festivals.

– American Gypsie –
℗ 2020 Global Recording Artists
Released on: 2021-01-01
Producer: Sir Karl Fredrick Anderson

Live show recordings:
Live at Newberry festival 2018

Woodstock 50th Anniversary – bethel NY yasgurs farm
Tear down the wall
Woodstock 50 years later
Woodstock blues

We are The Universal Love Family.
No one knows what is right .
Or if their action will be right.
So We just do what We can.
Right action is achieved with Motion.
Planning takes time so We learn Patience.
Through this Hope, the Creation of Love sustains Pure Ecstasy of Life.
We are a Family of Many Families. We are the Family of Man, the Family of Love. We represent The Spirit of Woodstock with our Tour, in this Year of The Hippy!

There’s a cry of Freedom that’s creating Peace as the positive new sound of today’s “Pot-Stars” a united harmony of people with the Power of Love Through Sound. Come follow Normal Bean & the Universal Love Family, as they represent this unique Peace-Wave that is bringing today’s whole wide world together. Uniting all the Pot-Stars under one huge stage to bring hope to a new world full of exciting positive solutions.

The Fun has turned to Love and that will Save the World! Join the Excitement!

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